Capacity Building for Digital Health Monitoring and Care Systems in Asia (DigiHealth-Asia)

DigiHealth-Asia aims to build capacity in Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) of the partner countries (Pakistan, Thailand and Mongolia) to develop project-based courses in digital health and that would begin a new transformation in the operation of Asian healthcare systems.
First plenary meeting
The first plenary meeting will be in held between 22nd Aug and 26th Aug, 2022 in Ghent, Belgium.
Publication ICoDT2
Our paper titled ‘Multiclass Heartbeat Classification using ECG Signals and Convolutional Neural Networks’ has been published in the proceedings of 2022 2nd International Conference on Digital Futures and Transformative Technologies (ICoDT2).
Publication Journals of Sensors
Our paper titled ‘Bluetooth-Low-Energy-Based Fall Detection and Warning System for Elderly People in Nursing Homes’ is published in Journals of Sensors, 2022.
Collaboration with industry
NUST Innovation & Commercialization (I&C) Dte has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Islamabad Diagnostic Center (IDC).
Publication in Applied Sciences
Our paper titled ‘Embedded AI-Based Digi-Healthcare’ is published in Applied Sciences, 2022.
Publication in Electronics
Our paper titled "Array Antenna for Wireless Access Points and Futuristic Healthcare Devices" was published in Electronics
Pilot Case
Remote monitoring of cardiovascular patients
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Pilot Case
Remote consultation of patients
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Pilot Case
Remote monitoring of mobility disorder patients
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