Project Description

DigiHealth-Asia aims to build capacity in Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) of the partner countries (Pakistan, Thailand and Mongolia) to develop project-based courses in digital health and that would begin a new transformation in the operation of Asian healthcare systems. 

The main objective of the project is to harness the power of ICT in healthcare through the introduction of the digital healthcare specialised courses that would train and assist the healthcare professional in remote monitoring patients.

A part of this project involves research and development of a new autonomous framework for pervasive monitoring of medical vital signs of patients using multiple types of affordable sensors connected through a secure and efficient network. The system would integrate a combination of ICT technologies including machine learning algorithm based on multi-view metric learning to learn to the relative importance of different types of sensors dependent on the location of the user, networking and user-friendly application development for collection and analysis of the collected medical data.

The partner HEIs will play a crucial role in the knowledge transfer, training Healthcare staff to use the developed technology. This project aims at designing and implementing the framework, as well as demonstrating the feasibility of an autonomous in-home monitoring system at partner health-care facilities through pilot use cases. 


  1. To build capacity in partner HEIs with an aim to develop expertise that would modernize healthcare systems by using digital technologies for health care in assisted living 

2. To develop an education and training programs aiming to enhance skills of healthcare practitioners in use of digital and ICT based patient monitoring and assistive technologies. 

3. To create a sustainable network of healthcare practitioners, researchers, academic teaching staff, researchers and industry professionals, focusing on the development of digital technologies for health care