MNUMS, NUM Curriculum evelopment / new specialty stream

On 15th and 21st October 2021, within the DigiHealth project framework, the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) and National University of Mongolia (NUM)  conducted zoom meetings to discuss and explore possibilities on commencing a joint curriculum development at the graduate level on “AI for Healthcare professionals”. Administrative representatives of both universities, DigiHealth project coordinators, and members of local partner institutions have actively participated in the events. 

1. Adnan Shahid – Technical Coordinator, University of Ghent, Belgium
2. N . Sumberzurl  – MNUMS, Dean of Graduate School
3. A. Shiirevnyamba – MNUMS, Director for Educational Policy Development4. N. Purevtsogt  – NUM, Director for Quality and Curriculum Development
4. N Mend-Amar – NUM, Project Manager
5. L. Purevdolgor – MNUMS, Head , Department of Bioinformatics
6. B. Amarsaikhan – MNUMS, Project member
7. Ч. Цэлмүүн – MNUMS, Project member
8. S. Khongorzul  – MNUMS, PhD candidate
9. M. Bat-Erdene – MNUMS., PhD candidate
10. G. Ariuntuul  – MNUMS, Project Manager