Deliverable Number Deliverable Name  Date 
D1.1 Literature review on digital healthcare and monitoring and its status vision in EU and Asia M4 
D1.2  Analysis of the skill requirement and priorities in Asian partners for implementation of digital health care and monitoring system M6 
D1.3 Learning material aimed at the skill requirements and training needs of ICT and health care practitioners M12 
D1.4 A report describing the technical system requirement for digital health care monitoring prototype M8 
D2.1 System integration of digital health care and the remote patient monitoring system M12 
D2.2 Development of communication systems and protocols M17 
D2.3 Server and visualisation systems for digital health care and a remote patient monitoring system M18 
D2.4 Pilot use case: cardiovascular patient monitoring, implementation and training M26 
D2.5 Pilot use case: mobility disorder patient monitoring, implementation and training M26 
D2.6 Pilot use case: remote patient consultation, implementation and training M26 
D3.1 Quality Assurance and Monitoring Framework M6 
D3.2 Quality Audit Report  M16 
D3.3 Continuous Quality Assurance Workshops M32 
D3.4 Approval and accreditation of developed courses M18 
D4.1 A strategic plan for diffusion and dissemination M5 
D4.2  Project Website with Project Logo M2 
D4.3 Social Media Account Setup and Maintenance M2 
D4.4 Report of publication in journals, conferences, workshops, book chapters or authored books All along 
D5.1 Annual Progress reports M12 
D5.2 Annual Financial Report M12 
D5.3 Document and reporting M3 
D5.4 Quality plan M2